CMAD airplanes take 4 out of the top 5 places at the 2016 US NATS!

Congrats to the following TooSweet pilots:

2nd:  Craig Korsen
3rd and Category Champion:  Ray Brown
4th:  Bill Johanson

TooSweet             Wins @ Phoenix Classic 2014


• White fuel proof base coat. Flawless enough to go straight to paint, trim or decals
• Firewall factory installed with an aluminum jig fixture   before fuselage is removed from mold. Motor mount holes drilled and blind nuts installed. (Jett mount – not included)
• Removable tail for easy travel and shipping
• Uses 2” spinner to help with engine counter balance
• Hardware package includes wing, ball links, motor
mount / firewall bolts, landing gear
• Items needed to complete model – Jett Motor Mount, Jett or Tetra tank, BB Wheels, radio, engine, aileron linkage, push rods

Color Scheme
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.  I would be happy to help you. Also just a reminder the C/G is
3 7/8" to start. Work your way back from there.
Thanks and enjoy your  TooSweet.
Tom Scott
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